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“Cosmetic surgery isn’t just a transformation of the outer self; it’s a canvas for the soul’s self-expression, where confidence becomes the masterpiece and beauty is the brushstroke.”

Dr. Charanjeev Sobti
Cosmetic Surgery Specialist Dr Sobti

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    About our Clinic

    Amulya Clinic isn’t just a clinic; it’s a warm embrace on your journey to discovering and enhancing your unique beauty. Step into a space where every contour is handled with care, and every enhancement is a brushstroke on the canvas of your individuality. You’re not just a client; you’re a cherished guest in our clinic.

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    Why us ?

    Because You Deserve a Kind, Beautiful Journey

    AMULYA CLINIC isn’t just a clinic; it’s your sanctuary for a beauty journey filled with warmth. Dive into the possibilities, embrace your unique beauty, and let our compassionate team craft a masterpiece that whispers confidence.

    Your Story, Your Beauty

    Begin your journey with us through a heartfelt conversation. We want to understand your desires, your story, because your beauty is as unique as you are. This is more than a consultation; it's a meeting of minds and hearts.

    Caring Craftsmanship

    Our commitment to the latest in plastic and cosmetic surgery is matched only by our commitment to caring craftsmanship. We delicately blend the latest technology with a personal touch, ensuring your experience is as comforting as it is transformative.

    Your Natural Radiance

    We're not about changing who you are; we're about enhancing the beauty that's already there. Our skilled surgeon specialise in creating looks that seamlessly merge with your natural grace. Consider us your beauty whisperers.

    A Heaven of Comfort

    Picture our clinic not just as a medical space but as a serene heaven. It's designed to make you feel not like a patient but like a friend. It's not just about the destination; it's about the comfort of the journey.

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    What our Clients Say


    Dr. Charanjeev Sobti is excellent!

    The medical treatment provided is top-notch, and the pricing is reasonable. I highly recommend their services.

    Himanshu Singh

    Delighted with the treatment I received.

    I recently had stitches on my forehead, and the results of the surgery performed by Dr. Charanjeev Sobti exceeded my expectations. My scar is steadily improving. He is polite and friendly. I’m delighted with the treatment I received highly recommend him .

    Hitesh Khorwal

    Would recommend this clinic for good experience that I had.

    I visited Dr.Sobti for earlobe stitching for my mother and found this to be the best experience. Dr.Sobti is a very pleasing personality with a kind heart. He is very calm with patients, sure with his work and shares all the relevant details. Would recommend this clinic for good experience that I had. Thanks

    Sumit Arora