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Treatment for Gynecomastia or Man Boob/Male Breast in Delhi

Are you suffering from Gynaecomastia?

What is Gynaecomastia or Man Boob/Male Breast, its cause and symptoms

Gynecomastia is a body condition in men and boys when the breasts swell and become abnormally large in size. The male breast glands are not noticeable unlike females. Breast enlargement may occur in new-born babies, boys during puberty, and in older men. In newborn babies and teenagers, this condition gets normal by the time they grow up. However, this may occur again at a later age. Though most people think that it is caused by weight gain or obesity, it has nothing to do with that. Even if men lose weight, this would have no effect on Gynecomastia. Doing exercise or losing weight will not reduce the breast tissue in gynecomastia.

As per studies, 70% boys experience this during puberty and it gets normal by the time they get older. This condition is caused by natural changes in estrogen (a “female hormone” that men also have) and testosterone.Infants can sometimes have short-term gynecomastia because of their mother’s estrogen remains in blood for some period after birth.

This condition may also occur in middle-aged and older me due to various reasons including ageing or even because of some medicines such as Antibiotics, Heart medicines, Anti-anxiety drugs, AIDS treatments, Tricyclic antidepressants, Chemotherapy and Drugs that treat heartburn. Marijuana, alcohol and drugs like heroin, amphetamines, and steroids can cause it. Sometimes it also occurs due to another health problem, such as overactive thyroid, kidney disease, or a tumour on one of the glands that control your hormones.

Symptoms of gynecomastia include following:

1) Breast Tenderness

2) Swollen breast & gland tissue

3) Pain

4) Swelling

5) Nipple discharge in one or both breast

Gynaecomastia Surgery in New Delhi/Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi.

Treatment of Gynaecomastia : Breast reduction surgery, Liposuction and Medicine for Gynaecomastia.

Breast enlargement in men can be treated with Tamoxifen in some cases. It is a drug that blocks the action of the female hormone estrogen in the body. It not only helps reduce male breasts but also breast pain. Testosterone replacement can treat gynecomastia in older men with low testosterone levels. If your condition is caused because of certain health issues then treating them may help.

In cases where male breast cannot be reduced with simple treatment and medication, surgery may be required. Surgery can help restore the shape of a man’s chest. The surgeon makes a small cut and removes extra breast tissue. The breast will then become smaller and flatter and in some cases he may also reposition the nipple or areola. Some men also prefer liposuction. In that process, the doctor suctions out extra fat from under the skin.

Surgery certainly gives a lasting result provided that the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle to maintain the new shape. The gynecomastia can come back in case the patient gains weight using steroids, or taking drugs that affect your testosterone levels.

Are you a candidate for male breast reduction treatment?

Undergoing a gynecomastia procedure promises to offer you a body that you no longer feel ashamed of. It helps patients gain confidence and good looks. If you are also going through gynecomastia or larger breast size then you may want to go for this treatment. But before you take this big step, you should have a positive viewpoint and realistic prospects of the consequences of the procedure.This surgery can be undertaken by men of any age who are healthy and emotionally stable. Furthermore, the preeminent candidates should have strong, elastic skin and who are considering for restyling their body. Look at the conditions mentioned below which if you are the right candidate for this surgery:

1) If you are dissatisfied with the size or appearance of your breasts.

2) you are not ominously overweight

3) If experience physical uneasiness because of your breasts.

4) The patient should not use marijuana, steroids or alcoholic beverages disproportionately since these substances can cause gynecomastia.

This surgery may not be advised in men who did not try other possible treatments such as medication, exercise and diet regimen for excess weight loss.

Gynaecomastia procedure: How it works?

Liposuction AND gland excision:

In this process liposuction is performed to remove the soft part of the gland through inconspicuous incisions. Then a small cut is made at the pigmented area and skin junction to remove the remaining gland. In case the size of breasts is very large, the decision may be taken as skin excision can lead to a visible scar.

You may call us to get more details about the procedures. You may also submit your queries by filling up the form.

Post-surgery care and recovery

The patient must take proper care for a speedy recovery as part of the post-surgery process. The patient is suggested to wear an elastic and flexible pressure garment for 3-6 weeks. He should also protect his scarred areas from the sun for at least 6 months. The patient should not lift heavy weight for 4-6 weeks. If the patient does not quit smoking it can delay healing and increase the risk of complications. Alcohol should not be taken for at least 3 weeks as it causes water retention.

Gynecomastia surgery has a comparatively moderate recovery period.

If you are willing to go for male breasts reduction procedure through gynecomastia surgery then Amulya Clinic in Delhi is hands down the best choice. We offer affordable treatment at the hands of highly-skilled surgeons and experts.