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Lip Reshaping Cosmetic Surgery | Lip Reduction clinic in Delhi

Lips enhance the smile and appearance of your face. Naturally everyone wants to look good to boost self-confidence. After all, a warm and friendly smile always makes social communication easy. Every individual has a different face shape and lip shape. While some individuals want to get their lips reduced, some need to enhance them to make them look fuller and better. Too thin or too big lips can make an individual conscious about their looks and smile. This procedure really isn’t incredibly invasive but there are risks and complications so please read through all of the information.

What is Lip Reshaping?

Lip reshaping is a process through which disproportionate lips size can be restored to the correct size and restore balance to the face. Small lips can be increased in size by augmentation using filler material, fat injections or implants. Bigger lips can be decreased by reduction surgery to make them proportionate.

Are you the right candidate for Lip Reshaping?

You should consider lip reshaping surgery if you are facing any of the following:

  • If your lips are too big in size
  • If your lips are too thin for your face shape
  • If you feel conscious of your appearance because of disproportionate lip size
  • If you wish to enhance your appearance and want to flaunt fuller lips

  • What is lip augmentation (enlargement)?

    Lip Augmentations a surgical technique that enhances the size of the lips. This process can change thin, average looking lips into full, luscious lips that make you look younger and more beautiful. Another benefit of lip augmentation is that it reduces the fine lines around the mouth as a result of the increase in the lip size.

    What are the techniques of Lip enlargement?

    Filler injection:

    A synthetic get-like substance is injected into the lips. The body tolerates the synthetic well and it usually does not cause any harm. The process is quite simple and the entire surgery is carried out under local anesthesia. At the end the lip is massaged to ensure even distribution of the material. To minimize the swelling, a cold compress or ice pack is used.

    The only major disadvantage of the procedure is that the material may dissolve over a few months, needing a repeat procedure.

    Fat Injection:

    In this technique the patient’s own fat is injected into the lips. The fat is taken from elsewhere by aspiration into a syringe. The procedure gives long lasting results as the fat that gets taken up finally stays permanently. Since natural material is used in this technique, the cost involved in using the artificial filler material also gets deducted. The downside is that it is slightly difficult to inject the fat uniformly. Besides, about one-third of the injected fat gets absorbed so a repeat procedure may be needed or over-correction in the first instance is needed.

    Lip Implant:

    Tunnels are created in the lips from openings made near the corner (angle) of the mouth. Permanent artificial ribbon-like material is placed into these tunnels. The openings are closed once the implant is smoothly adjusted. The only downside is that the recovery time is more than other two alternatives because this technique is more invasive.

    Q: How is the recovery after the procedure?

    The common after effects of the procedure are bruising and swelling. The amount of them depends on a number of factors which is difficult to estimate in advance. They also vary from person to person. The person may apply Arnica Gel to the lips and surrounding areas from a few days before the procedure. This helps reduce swelling. Ice packs or cold compress should to be applied to the lips after a few days. Reduce the amount of chewing by sticking to liquid or soft food.

    Lips movement should be avoided including chewing, smiling and talking as it can put pressure on them and cause pain or slow down the healing process. Avoid sleeping on your stomach for at least 2 weeks

    What is lips reduction surgery? How is the procedure done?

    Lip reduction surgery is the correction of oversized lips through a surgical method in which the size of the lips is reduced. Lip reduction surgery is usually performed under General Anesthesia. Concealed incisions are placed on the inner side of the lips. Tissue from inside the lips is cut and removed, as well as some lip mucosa(inner lining). The wound is then closed and the lips appear smaller and pulled inside.

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