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Vaginoplasty – Vaginal Rejuvenation,Tightening Treatment

This is the procedure designed to reduce the size of Vaginal opening .

It is carried out if the vagina has become loose following repeated sexual encounters or following childbirth .

The increase in size leads to and in adequate sensation during sex and therefore an inadequate sexual gratification .

The procedure is designed to create a virginal vagina like tautness

This is a day care procedure

  • The procedure is usually carried out under local Anesthesia but can also be carried out under spinal or general Anesthesia as per the patient's desires.
  • The procedure performed removes the excess lining and also tightens the muscles of Vagina
  • The recovery period
  • Can be back to work and 48 to 72 hours
  • There will be some discharge for about 2 to 3 weeks
  • The stitches dissolve spontaneously
  • To avoid sexual contact for two weeks as it can be painful