Why Choose Us

Why Choose Amulya Clinic over other Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in New Delhi

1. Expertise of Doctor Charanjeev Sobti in Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Sobti’s expertise is in Endoscopic and Minimal Access surgical procedures. After graduating from Delhi University (UCMS), he did his specialization from PGI Chandigarh – a premier institute in plastic surgery in the world. He is an accredited surgeon with Smile Train of USA. He also holds DNB in Plastic Surgery giving him an edge of not being just Board Certified but also having a MCh Degree. He is presently delivering his services to Fortis Hospital and ISIC as a senior Consultant.

2. Patience and attention to patient details

Most of you will relate to this as a patient or as someone attending a patient. Unlike most doctors Dr Sobti patiently listens to patients’ issues and gathers even minor details which make a significant difference during the course of treatment. He is very humble and soft-spoken and does not let ego and status come between a doctor and patient. That is an aspect that makes him endearing to his customers.

3. Treatment follow-up

Amulya Cosmetic Surgery clinic is well known for its patient follow-up practices in sync with global standards. Even though we urge patients to stay in touch regarding post treatment development, mostly patients do not communicated after a successful procedure. How-ever to make sure the treatment procedure is completely successful and patients are happy with the outcome Amulya Clinic’s PR team follows-up with patients regularly.

4. Advanced Technology and Equipments

A doctor is in many cases as good as the tools at his disposal. So Amulya Clinic strives to stay on the top of the technical curve and maintains best in class equipments and technology to deliver best possible treatment to candidates for cosmetic surger