Cosmetic surgeries are among the most popular ways to get rid of skin perfections including scars, wrinkles, pigmentation. One may consider undergoing cosmetic surgery for a number of personal and emotional reasons. The main objective, however, is to improve physical appearance and facial features. Right from making the decision to seeing the final results, one experiences various emotions throughout the journey. Though it is perfectly normal to have these doubts, fears and anxieties, yet it is important for the person to have realistic expectations from the surgeries.

MBBS, MS MCH & DNB Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Charanjeev Sobti provided the answers to all these questions. Through this, he talked about all the emotions that one feels before, after and during the cosmetic surgery.

3-5 Days After The Surgery
“What have I done to myself?”

3-5 Days After The Surgery

“What have I done to myself?”

According to Dr. Sobti, the first few days after the surgery are the toughest for the patient. This is the time when the patient has to take proper rest and protect the skin from harmful rays and dust particles. This gives them a lot of time to ponder upon the decision they made and look for results.

1-3 weeks after the surgery
“I don’t recognize myself.”

After the first week of the surgery, the results begin to show. While some patients feel more confident, others may not be happy with the new look. It takes time for them to accept the changes in their appearance.

3 weeks - 3 months after the surgery
“Have I made a mistake?”

The patient may feel negative after seeing the results for the doubts that keep coming back. The patient may not feel completely satisfied with the results due to some reasons.

3-6 months after the surgery
“Wow! I am glad I made this decision.”


Most people are glad with the results after 3-6 months of the surgery. This is because the skin takes time to heal completely and show positive results of the cosmetic surgery.


As per Dr. Sobti, 95% patients who chose breast augmentation were glad with the results. 96% patients of tummy tuck surgery were happy with the long-lasting results. 90% of facelift surgery patients were completely satisfied with the results.

If you are experiencing post-surgery depression and sadness then here are a few tips provided by Dr. Sobti to help you overcome them.

Write a letter to yourself discussing your excitement about the surgery
Try to engage yourself in activities that you enjoy. Read books, play games, watch movies to stay happy and positive.
Try new outfits and hairstyles to complement the look
Let your best friend be your support system
Be positive about the future results

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